One thought on “We won!

  1. Please let me know who would be the CONTACT PERSON for an extreme landlord bullying matter … south shore multimillionaire owns large businesses /car dealerships and several rental homes….in horrible disrepair, toxic mold, raw sewage in the yard…. and instead of fixing it which they could easier have done because it was not an enormous cost to make proper repairs as the financial issue was not applicable…they responded with vicious, constant and cruel attacks both personally, professionally, and threatened to make it as extremely painful as possible for her by standing up to them insisting on repairs knowing there is no inventory of rental homes available and repairs could have and should have been made within weeks. It is now over 6 months….dragging through court and making a enormous smoke/mirrors campaign attacking the character of the single parent with two children and mocking her financial circumstances by sending demeaning letters with letter claiming they heard the tenant was looking and most likely needs the money- so they included a check written out from a personal checking account, calling it a ‘security deposit’ and good luck on finding another house. Illegal Entry, Illegal Trespass…Intimidation and fear tactics… Brutal- for something that would have been so ‘little’ to repair. Neighbors have come forward to support the tenant because they have seen the sewage leaking in the yard and onto their properties consistently for over ten years!. Landlord/owners, however, have concocted stories of how this tenant (lived there @ 2plus years) purposely shoved items into the toilet? and caused other issues that were flagged by Board of Health, including SEVERE toxic mold …and ,, other health/safety violations…. this is dragging out with no end in sight and they have repeatedly reminded the tenant that they have the resources to keep this going.


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