RTB Hearing Decisions

  1. Decision re: eviction for landlord’s alleged use of property – hearing decision that the landlord acted in bad faith regarding the 3 eviction notices issued in 8 days against two tenants in one unit.
  2. Decision re: alleged illegal occupant (tenant’s husband)
  3. Decision re: alleged illegal sublet
  4. Decision re: tenant insurance – the landlord decided to rescind his eviction notices Friday before the hearing, and did not participate or call in for the hearing to confirm the cancellation of his notices. The landlord gave testimony under affirmation in Decision #1 above that he would be rescinding all eviction notices re: tenant insurance, but failed to rescind the notice for a visually-impaired tenant who was subsequently evicted despite having tenant insurance. See posting First set of eviction notices for more information.
  5. Decision re: alleged illegal occupant (tenant’s roommate) or alternative link to posting on RTB website: http://www.housing.gov.bc.ca/rtb/decisions/2014/09/092014_Decision1230.pdf

Other RTB Decisions involving Anoop Majithia’s companies (Plan A Real Estate Services Ltd., Komfort Properties) – more to come






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