The Landlord


The landlord, Anoop Majithia (behind the wheel) with his agent, Dr. Sharlene Gill (passenger seat) – Courtesy of Anoop’s Facebook profile

Plan A Real Estate Services Ltd.

Real Estate Council of BC Licensed Brokerage

Licensed As: Brokerage

Licensed For: Trading and Rental Property Management

Licence #X030462

Business Address 887 Helmcken Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1B1

Business Phone 604-683-5548

Licence Expiry: Jun 4 2016

Biography from

“Anoop Majithia is the Principal and Director of Plan A Real Estate Services Ltd. Anoop became a Chartered Accountant upon his graduation from the University of Toronto and subsequently completed his law degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 2001. Since that time, he has been a successful entrepreneur and avid investor in the downtown Vancouver condo real estate market. Anoop is a qualified Managing Broker with the BC Real Estate Association. Plan A Real Estate Services Ltd. is the culmination of his wealth of educational and personal experience, and his passion for real estate”.

Office: 604-683-5548 (ext.104)
Vancouver Cell: 604-688-2593
China Cell: 86-15976044484
Fax: 604-648-9205

Other business ventures:

AirBnB – renting short-term condo and residential apartments

Komfort Properties

Read the company reviews online:

Shirt Circuit


Past litigation – Copyright Infringement


3 thoughts on “The Landlord

  1. Plan A’s corrupt founder, Anoop Majithia, has been embroiled in litigation with the BC Supreme Court and many others for his dubious (purportedly illegal) business practices. Anoop Majithia is the epitome of a shyster.

    See CBC News articles detailing others’ experiences with Plan A’s fraud and illegal business practices. One article is titled, “Vancouver landlord [Anoop Majithia] investigated for short-term vacation rental leases”. It states, “The province is investigating a Vancouver company that offers furnished short-term travel accommodation for allegedly issuing tenancy agreements that contravene B.C.’s rental laws.”

    Another CBC News article citing Plan A’s fraud is titled “Landlord [Anoop Majithia] accused of pulling ‘bait and switch’ with apartments, using deceptive leases”. I was lied to by Plan A about the unit I rented, and refused a refund. It was a petrie dish of filth, dirt, mold and body hair.

    Keeping funds derived through fraud is a serious legal transgression. A class-action lawsuit should be brought against Plan A and its ethically repugnant founder Anoop Majithia. To redress victims of Plan A’s pervasive and unapologetic fraud.

    Read about a prior lawsuit against Anoop Majithia: ADIDAS SALOMON AG ET AL v. ANOOP MAJITHIA ET AL. “Order for the production of all documents seized by the R.C.M.P. from the Defendants, Anoop Majithia and 1196085 Ontario Corporation.”

    A Google search of “Anoop Majithia” will show countless incendiary reviews of him. Especially the 2nd page of the Google search results. As numerous articles, employee and tenant testimonials of Anoop Majithia suggest, he’s a narcissistic sociopath.

    You can report a complaint of Anoop Majithia to The Law Society of British Columbia here: They should be made aware of Anoop Majithia’s malfeasance. Citing his moral turpitude, property misrepresentation, pervasive business/financial fraud and harassment of tenants.


  2. Recent $10,000 penalty against Plan A and Anoop Majithia.



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